Navigational Assessments

Navigational Audits and Assessments are not new, but neither are they very common. Only certain tanker operators and some owners with mixed fleets undertake these. There is no standard for such audits nor how they should be conducted. This poses a dilemma for any owner who wishes to carry out such an audit using a 3rd  party company


Our system and approach     

Ask any ship master or officer and they will tell you that ships are inspected or audited too much. Many such inspections cover the same ground. At the same time, many officers feel the audit is something they just cannot win and as a result there is no dialogue. The only result they see is a negative one.

.Our new system and unique approach breaks down these barriers to provide a positive outcome


Who is qualified to carry out navigational audits whilst a ship is underway - a master mariner - a former shipmaster - an auditor - a vetting inspector?

We believe to have the minimum credibility onboard ship, masters and officers want to see a former shipmaster who not only has other qualifications and skills such as auditing, but knows how to interact with them.

We also believe our auditors should be familair with new technology such as ECDIS and ensure all hold the requisite training certificates

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